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A. Pilihlah jawaban yang benar di bawah ini!

1. Teacher : well students, I think time is up…….
    Student : see you
a.  good bye                       c. see you later
b. be careful                       d. do yourself
2. Hallo my friend,……..
    My name is Bella. I live in semarang
    a. what’s your name?                     
    b. may I know your name?
    c. where do you live?
    d. may I introduce myself?
3. Mirza: hi, Rino …….?
    Rino  :………, thanks, and how about you mirza?
    a. how are you, I’m sure
    b. how’s everything, pretty well
    c. how are you, I’m glad to see you  
    d. how’s everything. I’m happyto meet you
4. Raja : hey rafli, be careful when you connect
    The cables.
    a.  I don’t care
    b. thanks  for your connecting
    c. thanks  for your speaking
    d. thanks  for your warning
5. Aldi :……… that I and my mom couldn’t come at your wedding party
    Ulya : yes, it doesn’t matter
    a. I apologite                     c. I’ll say to yo
    b. I should say it to you d. I Don’t have time
6. I and my sister want to go to movie. … saw an action film.it was …. Hobby.
    a. they, their                      c. we, our
    b. she, her                          d. we , us
7. the children wathches the cartoon film everyday.
    …..like it very muach.
a.        She                             c. you
b.       He                               d.they
8. the cat ….. the mouse under the cupboard.
    a. eat                                   c. to eat
    b. eating                             d. eats
9. hera and rina........friendly. they here no friend in the class.
    a. are not                            c. dres
    b. does not                        d. is not
10. anita missed the morning flight and this made…. Late for her friends wedding.
    a. her                                  c. his
    b. them                               d. me
11. Thomas is an India.he speakes…
    a. India                               c. english
    b. Hindustani                    d. India
12. mike : ……………….
    Philip  : I’m Englishman
a.        where are you from?
b.       Where are you phulip?
c.        What’s you nationality?
d.       What do you speak?
13. Mr. abdillah is a …., he works in a university, he has many students there. He gives writing lecture.
    a. teacher                           c. lacturer
    b. manager                         d. director
14. ida  : when were you gone raka?
    Raka : ………………..
a.        January one, nineteen ninety two
b.       One January, nineteen ninety two
c.        The first of January, nineteen ninety two
d.       January the first, nineenth ninety two

15.…………………………are called ….
    a. ordinal number                             c. cardinal number
    b. even number                                 d. add number
16. 15 x 5 = 75, we can say…
    a. fifeteen plus five is seven five
    b. fifteen times five is seventy five
    c. fifteen times five is seventy fifth
    d. fifteen times five is seven five
17. yati pesek is very successful comedian. She has a round face and….nose.
    a. big                                                  c. flat
    b. ponted                                           d. dimpled

18. it’s a quarter to one.
    The number form of that number is…
a.        01.15                                           c. 12.15
b.       01.45                                           d. 12.45
19. teacher : tata, express this in word (1/9)
    Tata        : it is ….
a.        one nine                                     c. firstr ninth
b.       one ninth                                   d. first nine
20. why does people live mirza?
    a. because he is tall and fat           
    b. because he is rich and generous
    c. because he is hansome
    d. because he is honest, polite and friendly
21. rena : when will you celebrate your birthday ?
    Raya   : ……
a.        next week                                   c. two days ago
b.       yesterday                                  d. for a year
22. the nice … under the cupboard.
    a. is                                                     c. are
    b. am                                                   d. were
23. the ….. are in the meeting.
    a. man                                                 c. woman
    b. boy                                                 d. men
24. there… some students in the laboratory
    a. is                                                     c. isn’t                   
    b. are                                                  d. aren’t
25. in the modern era most of the…
    a. girl                                                  c. women
    b. woman                                           d. poorman

B. Kerjakan Soal dibawah ini dengan Jelas dan Benar!

1. do you know what some one’s professional doing?
    a.  journalist
    b. waiter
2. mention some adjective for describing size, age, shape, origin     and material.
3. say into good English :
    2200 x 22 = 4840
4. say into good English :
    Hari ini hari senin tanggal 6 desember 2010.
5. change the sentences into negtative and interrogative
    a. my mother goes to the market every Sunday
    b. the children play football in the yard
    c. the cat is clean an healthy

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